TheraBreath® Obliterates Bad Breath with “French Kiss”, its New, Long-Lasting, Sweet Tasting, C

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Published: 01st August 2009
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Phil Rubin, Vice President of Marketing

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TheraBreath® Obliterates Bad Breath with "French Kiss", its New, Long-Lasting, Sweet Tasting, Chewing Gum

As a consistent leader providing innovative remedies for bad breath and halitosis, TheraBreath announced a new line of oral care chewing gum, which instantly makes breath fresh and kissable.

City, State (PRWeb) July 31, 2008 - TheraBreath is gaining a lot of publicity with their new French Kiss Chewing Gum product line, made particularly for eliminating bad breath before kissing. This pioneering company has been a consistent innovator and leader in the oral care industry for well over a decade, and is once again setting the pace for other companies offering treatments for bad breath and halitosis. With demand for their products at an all new high, TheraBreath is always experimenting with new and innovative ways to cure what some describe as 'dragon breath'.

Since launching its first bad breath solution in 1994, TheraBreath has lead the oral care industry in the treatment of halitosis. Now, the management of bad breath is easier than ever with their convenient and affordable French Kiss Chewing Gum. Using all natural ingredients combined with their patented oxygenating technology, they developed this innovative chewing gum to quickly eliminate situational bad breath, and keep breath fresher for longer periods of time.

Why is TheraBreath gum different than other gum? Dr. Katz of the California Breath Clinics says, "Most gum out there in the market is sugar-based, and sugar actually feeds the anaerobic bacteria already in mouth. The worse thing that you can do is pop an Altoid in your mouth after you eat - unless you're egalitarian and you feel that the bacteria should eat too. Our gum has no sugar added to it."

Dr. Katz is the creator of TheraBreath products, and uses special ingredients including Zinc Gluconate, Xylitol, and Oxgenating Compounds to make the French Kiss Chewing Gum highly effective and tasty.

The popular French Kiss Chewing Gum and other products by TheraBreath are exclusively available online at Along with their French Kiss Chewing Gum they offer other original products for the treatment of bad breath including: toothpastes, gums, teeth bleaching kits, mouthwashes, and tooth gels.

About TheraBreath

After Dr. Katz of the California Breath Clinics made his mark on the oral care industry in 1994, the TheraBreath product line quickly expanded. Currently well over 1,000,000 people are using a variety of quality products by TheraBreath to treat halitosis. With the demand for their French Kiss Chewing Gum on the rise, TheraBreath is looking forward to continuing a future of helpful oral care. To learn more about TheraBreath and their innovative products for treating bad breath, visit


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